A Living Story

I've wanted to create this website a long time... to pay tribute to one of the greatest games ever created. Dungeons and Dragons is far more than a story, it's a social and mental experience without boundries. The rules and challenges are as simple or complex as you desire, the setting equally as diverse. The popular games now played on PC are an evolution of this iconic frameset. The worlds of D&D 3.5 is based on a richly developed ruleset that can form the groundwork for virtually any story or setting you can imagine.

What's on this site?

This site is meant to share the finest tools and resources to develop a rich and immersive world based on the rules of the 3.5 SRD. You'll find a ever expanding list of online resources for both the player and dungeon master, including character sheets, maps and game ideas. The 3.5 SRD is the best collection of open source game rules released by by D&D. However, many of the expansions were not released as open source material.